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Tracking Sales Activities to Microsoft Dynamics 365

You're in sales. Your job is to sell. This is what you're good at. 

However, your company requires you to track everything you do into Microsoft Dynamics. Frustrating, right? You’ve tried to explain this overwhelming workload to your boss a thousand times, that you’d rather spend your time selling than updating the CRM. But your boss doesn’t seem to listen, or at least not understand. Let me explain how you can spend more time selling, while also keeping your CRM updated!

What you need is a tool that automatically logs your calls, emails and meetings to Microsoft Dynamics on your behalf. This will allow you to focus on sales while you can trust that no CRM entries are missing. LiiD is specifically designed for salespeople in order to save them time by keeping them from manually logging their sales activities to their CRM. On average, LiiD users save more than 30 minutes everyday, which allows them to spend more time with their clients and shift their focus from their CRM’s to making sales. Exactly how it should be!

Log calls to Microsoft Dynamics automatically

When you receive an inbound call, LiiD will compare the number to the data in your CRM and identify the caller. After the call you’ll get a notification asking you to log the call and add notes. For outbound calls you can either call through the app or by using your native iOS or Android dialer. Imagine what you can do with all the time you’ll save from not having to log your sales calls to Microsoft Dynamics anymore.

Sync emails to Microsoft Dynamics automatically

What could be more convenient than logging all your client related emails automatically to Microsoft Dynamics? You can trust that all emails you send to and receive from people whose email address you have in your CRM are logged. If you’ve tried the Outlook plugin and struggled, worry not, LiiD will work :) You’ll never again have to go through the trouble of using the “Set regarding” feature.

The email sync works for Gmail, Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Exchange and IMAP and with all versions of Microsoft Dynamics.

Log meetings to Microsoft Dynamics automatically

You can also sync your calendar with Microsoft Dynamics and have all your meetings logged under the right contact, account and opportunity. LiiD will send you a notification after the meetings so that you can add notes and update required fields if needed.  

Tracking clients conversations to CRM is important (I’m with your boss on this one) as it helps streamline sales processes and increase co-operations between the sales-, marketing-, and service departments. Everything that is crucial for developing, improving, and retaining your client relationships should be stored in Microsoft Dynamics, so that the information is at hand when needed.

However, salespeople should not have to do this manually.