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These Tools Will Change Your Life Part 2

 In the first part of “These Tools Will Change Your Life,” I introduced you to many useful apps and online tools to aid you in the digital world. This time I wanted to show you a few more gadgets I discovered that I believe will serve you well in your fight to increase sales and ease everyday life.


Introducing Linkedin’s very own browser plugin “Rapportive,” an innovative plugin supported for Firefox and Chrome. Basically, Rapportive shows you Linkedin profiles in your gmail. It can be very useful for when you are trying to guess somebody’s email address or when you want to know more about a person that has been emailing you. The plugin shows up on the side of your gmail and provides you with their profile picture, name, company, email and location. I would definitely recommend this plugin to all salespeople, marketers and anyone who works heavily with their emails.

Firefox: https://goo.gl/pSW3wx
Chrome: https://goo.gl/SpNsPo

Tiny Scanner

If you’re the type of person that has to deal with a lot of paperwork and sort out all kinds of documents then you need Tiny Scanner! It’s a brilliant light application that turns your smartphone into a portable scanner. Basically the app allows you to scan documents with your camera and it turns the photos you captured into clear and easy-to-read PDF files. You can use it to scan documents, receipts, reports and more!

iOS: https://goo.gl/ajoDrz
Android: https://goo.gl/SW5hgp

Smart Receipts

Hands down this one of the best receipt scanners out there! Smart Receipt is incredibly user-friendly and allows you to save and track your receipts effortlessly. The app allows you to take very clear pictures of your receipts and has the ability to create expense reports in seconds! I’m always losing my receipts so Smart Receipts has been a real life-saver for me personally.

iOS: https://goo.gl/gRXKbf
Android: https://goo.gl/gvhtEX

Night Screen

Out of this entire list, this is probably the only app that I’ve used everyday for years now. Night Screen truly did change my life. It does exactly what I need it to do and it is very easy to use. When I’m watching videos at night on my phone or scrolling through my feed, the built-in brightness control does not dim my screen enough for me. That’s where Night Screen comes in. The app kills brightness and saves my eyes from being blinded by a surplus of screen light. It’s perfect.

Android: https://goo.gl/QHZ6br


If you haven’t downloaded our app by now - then dear friends, now is the time! LiiD is a mobile application for CRM’s like no other. It automatically log calls and emails to your CRM without you having to lift a finger! You can use it to update your sales activities, scan business cards, identify unknown callers and execute daily tasks with the built-in personal sales assistant.
In addition to the app, we created “The Dashboard” which provides sales directors with a detailed overview of exactly how their salespeople are performing. You can use it to analyze your sales team, create sales goals, quotas and accurate performance reports and use the data to increase productivity. If you’re looking to automatically log your sales activities and make your life with your CRM significantly easier, than LiiD is the app for you!

iOS: https://goo.gl/2TjLDt
Android: https://goo.gl/bheiiv
I hope these tools and apps will be of some service to you and if you would like to read the first part of this series and other useful tools feel free to visit the links below!

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