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Sync Gmail with Microsoft Dynamics


Microsoft Dynamics 365 is one the best CRM-systems on the the market, however, when it comes to data quality regarding sales activities, Microsoft Dynamics faces the same challenge as almost all other CRM-systems on the market - Lack of data. A CRM-system is only as good as the data it cointains, and as most systems rely on salespeople logging their sales activities themselves, data quality is often rather poor.

The intention when implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 is most likely to have a centralized program where your salespeople can log and track customer interactions, so that other  employees with appropriate permissions have access to previous conversations when needed. However, when it comes to tracking sales activities, expectations and reality rarely meet.

Imagine all the valuable client related information you’ll lose if one of your most senior employees resign, or how unprofessional you seem if two salespeople are pursuing the same prospect. So, the Million dollar question is: How can we ensure that all client conversations are logged into Microsoft Dynamics?

As we know that salespeople are forgetful why not log events and emails automatically to Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Sync your Gmail Calendar and email with Microsoft Dynamics 365

With LiiD’s Gmail integration you’ll have the possibility to track emails and meetings automatically to your Microsoft Dynamics. The only thing you need to do to start syncing emails to Microsoft Dynamics is to download the smartphone app, connect it to your Microsoft Dynamics CRM and to your Gmail account. This takes about two minutes and requires no technical skills. If you want to give this a try you can download the iOS app here and the Android app here.

With the Gmail - Microsoft Dynamics integration you can trust that all emails you send to- and receive from- people whose email address you have in your CRM are logged. You can choose whether you want to log the content of the email or only the heading and also choose to log emails as separate activities or as threads. There’s also an option to upload attachments with just one tap in the app.

You can also sync your Gmail calendar with Microsoft Dynamics and have all your meetings logged under the right contact, account and opportunity. This means that the only thing you need to do when scheduling a new meeting is to add it in your Google calendar and you can trust the app to log it to Microsoft Dynamics. After the meeting, LiiD will send you a notification, so that you can add notes and update required fields if needed.  

If you’ve tried the Outlook plugin and struggled, worry not, LiiD will work :) For more ideas on how to sync your Gmail to Microsoft Dynamics 365 check out this article by Microsoft or this article on Dynamics 365 Apps.  

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