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Receive New Salesforce Leads Immediately 

We are excited to introduce a new feature, called Lead Management. This feature allows you to manage your sales leads while on the go, meaning you’ll never miss out on a new sales opportunity again.

Here's the gist:

When you receive a new sales Lead, for example through your marketing departments qualification process, as the result of someone filling out a webform or you yourself scanning a business card, you’ll be notified by the LiiD app to take action.

Whenever a new Lead is created, you will receive a notification directly on your smartphone. The notification will take you to the Lead tab, where you can take immediate action. As LiiD pulls the phone number, email address, lead source, lead status and other important information from your Salesforce, you can be on the phone with your prospect only seconds after receiving the lead.

As LiiD tracks sales activities to Salesforce automatically, you'll be able to measure Lead-to-Action times and see how a quick reaction influences conversion rates. 

Isn’t that awesome?

If you are an existing client and interested in trying out the Lead Management feature, please reach out to your account manager or dedicated sales representative at LiiD. If you're not yet a client, but are intrigued to see how the Lead Management feature could help your organization take swift action on new potential clients, please schedule a demo.