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How to make your Clients LOVE you <3

This sounds simple right?

Unfortunately, many small companies are embarrassingly weak in this area. A company’s success depends on clients, you need them for credibility, for revenue and for growth.  As the cost of acquiring a new customer is much bigger than the cost of generating business from an existing client, you should do everything you possibly can to keep your clients satisfied. Customer happiness should difinitely be your main focus area.

We’ve been working a lot on improving how we work with clients and in the process we identified 10 traits that will make customers love you.

Here is our shortlist, hope you’ll find it useful:

1. Show Appreciation
Make sure all your clients, big and small, know that you value them.

2. Genuinely Interact and Connect
A client relationship is a relationship like any other. Talk to your client in a personalized way, connect with your clients on social media and make it easy for them to reach you.

3. Send Personalized Communication
Everyone relies on automation to some extent, but make sure all newsletter are relevant for your client.

4. Always Deliver
Don’t overpromise, oversell or be too optimistic regarding your time-tables. Make sure you keep your promises. Always.

5. Build Trust  and be Transparent
If for some reason you cannot deliver what you have promised or if you know you have news the client will not be thrilled about, make sure you are open and transparent in your communication.

6. Listen to your Customer
Never assume you know what your client is thinking, ask them about their opinion. Listen to your customers' feedback.  Implement their suggestions and tell them about it. It will improve your company’s offering and also make your client like  the product or service more. 

7. Offer Stellar Customer Service on Multiple Channels
Give your client the possibility to choose how they like to contact you. Give them several channels to reach you, but make sure you don’t offer more channels than you can handle.


8. Pay it Forward, Help them Out if you can
You know how much you value a referral. Imagine how happy you’ll make your customer if you offer them one. Take an active interest in their success!

9. Reward Referrals
If someone gives you a great lead, thank them! 

10. Make Sure you have your Best Employees Working with Clients
This is my favourite. Build a client loving culture and make sure every employee knows that your customers are at the centre of your business.

Great customer service isn’t rocket science, but you need to really  focus on it to succeed.

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