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How to Activate Caller ID and Log Calls from iOS to Salesforce

A bottleneck for salespeople around the world is finding the time to update their CRM everyday. Research shows that salespeople log as little as 20% of all their sales activities to their CRM and for salespeople using mobile phones the number is even lower. Having all client conversation in your CRM is essential as nothing is more frustrating as a customer than having to repeat the same thing to different salespeople or having an account manager that is not on top of your account. 


If you, or your sales guys, are using iPhones and are having problems logging calls to Salesforce, feel free to give LiiD a try. LiiD’s call tracking software includes the following features:

  • Caller ID, so you know who is calling
  • Possibility to log both inbound and outbound phone calls
  • The option to add notes by speech-to-text after every sales call
  • Possibility to link calls and notes to contacts, accounts and opportunities
  • Possibility to schedule follow-up activities and set reminders.

How to install LiiD and activate call logging and Caller ID?

The app is easy to use and setting it up takes less than a minute. Search for “LiiD for CRM” on the App store and select install. Once the app is installed, you will only have to follow these simple steps:

  1. Open the application
  2. Choose Salesforce
  3. Login with your Salesforce credentials
  4. Allow notifications
  5. Go to the LiiD settings and set your office hours, that is the hours for which you want LiiD to be active.
  6. Make sure you keep the app open in the background


It’s easy as that!


To be able to see who is calling follow these four steps:

1. Go to your iPhone settings
2. Choose “Phone”
3. Pick Call Blocking & Identification
4. Allow LiiD to provide Caller ID

Being an awesome sales representative just got a lot easier with the arrival of the Caller ID feature for Salesforce and iOS.

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