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Spend your time closing!

Research shows that salespeople spend around 50% of their time on non-sales related activities. (Docurated, 2015). Let me repeat that, 50%, half of their time! Most time is spent preparing sales material and in the CRM. As a Sales Director, this number makes me want to cry.

Salespeople should be on the phone talking to existing or potential clients, they should be out in meetings, visiting trade shows or at least working in their Inbox. They should NOT spend their time IN Salesforce or IN any other CRM as that is time away from clients.

The big question is: How can we increase the number of time salespeople spend with clients? Well, for starters, let’s make sure we minimize the non-sales related activities salespeople are spending time on.

If you want to minimize the time your sales guys are spending on logging what they have been doing into the CRM manually, let us help you out!

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LiiD will save time by tracking your sales activities automatically
That’s right! LiiD will log your client calls, emails  and meetings in Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics. Imagine what you can do with all the time you’ll save from not having to log your sales calls to your CRM.

LiiD will save time by reminding you to call clients back or answer your emails.
Salespeople tend to spend quite a lot of time planning what to do or which client to call. Before starting at LiiD, I also used to spend time looking at prospects in my CRM wondering whether to call them or not. Now I have LiiD reminding me whom I should call and I just need to execute.

LiiD will save time by scanning your business cards into Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics.
If you’ve ever tried to enter all the business cards you’ve received from a trade show into your CRM, you know what I’m talking about. It takes forever. AND it is so boring it makes you want to quit your job.

LiiD will save time by giving you the possibility to update records or add notes at any time.
You will no longer need to spend time in the office updating Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics, as you can do it while out in the field, right after the meeting or a call. You can easily add notes by speech-to-text and track your meeting notes.



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