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Free and Affordable Marketing Automation Tools

 Here at LiiD we have been thinking about acquiring a marketing automation tool and I wanted to share with you some tools that I discovered and am excited to try out!

These days there are a number of tools to choose from when it comes to marketing automation, however, they can be quite expensive and not many startups can afford to implement them into their businesses. For example, at LiiD we use Salesforce as our CRM and a MAT with Salesforce integration would be very beneficial to us, however, Salesforce's own MAT "Pardot" is quite expensive starting from $1000 per month - this is why I'm looking for some more affordable options.

Before acquiring any sort of marketing automation tool, it is important to have some clear and reachable goals that you want to get out of your MAT. For example, Hubspot has a very popular all-in-one inbound MAT which I would love to use, however, it is fairly expensive and if you don’t need all of their features for your company’s marketing purposes, then purchasing their software can be a bit of “overkill.”

 So, the thing to keep in mind here is when you’re looking for an MAT, consider its price, features and integration process.

 At LiiD our website is built on WordPress so I’ve been considering actually acquiring a plugin that integrates with WordPress and has MAT functionalities. ORBTR is a WordPress plugin for $99 per month and comes with some really useful functions, e.g. landing page creator, lead tracking, campaign manager and email marketing. For writing and sending out newsletters I’ve been using MailChimp and ORBTR actually supports MailChimp integration - that’s a big plus.

The second MAT I’m considering is Leadsius for several reasons. Leadsius offers a free service with the possibility of purchasing their premium service. It also comes with a WordPress plugin and supports functions that I’m looking for such as email marketing, landing pages and lead tracking. The downside with Leadsius is that the free service is only available if your contact database size is 250 or below and comes with one user account. If you choose to upgrade because you require more than one user account and wish to unlock all features, a contact database of 250 is $55 and a contact database of 500 is $90, meaning that the larger your contact database is - the more you pay.

Inbound Now is the third MAT that I've been considering trying out. What’s great about this MAT is that their pricing is a lot more affordable than most MAT’s out there. Inbound Now offers a free package which consists of features such as landing pages, calls to action and lead management. One step above the free package is the Starter Package and it has everything the free package offers for $10 a month, however, it also includes Google Analytics integration, marketing automation and email integration. What genuinely intrigues me about Inbound Now is how customizable the MAT is and how user friendly their plugins are.


If you’re in the business for a marketing automation tool, have a look at the three mentioned above and if you know of a great MAT that you would like to recommend, please leave a comment below!

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