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Easy Steps to Hiring Students

Last week we went through why companies should co-operate with universities. This week we will be providing you with tips on how to hire students and successfully integrate them into the workplace.

Step 1. Decide Who Should Be the Team Manager Leading the Student Project

The first step is to ask your sales team if there is someone that would be interested in leading this new project for the company. This person should be innovative by nature, patient and easy to talk to. For example, the person to lead this project could be a senior sales rep in a large company or simply the head of sales in a start up. This would not only be a great opportunity for the students but it will also be beneficial for the employee that takes the role of team manager. They too will learn how to become a more efficient leader, how to teach others and how to lead a successful project plan.

Step 2. Create a Meet and Greet With the Students

A meet and greet would not only help you have a decision in choosing the students who you want to work with but also allows the students to learn basic interview skills. Afterwards, get together with the student team and get to know them. Business students tend to be enthusiastic, innovative, tech savvy and eager to begin new careers.

Step 3. Have Consistent Meetings Between Yourself and the Students

Invite the students to your office a few times and introduce them to your team and your workplace culture. This will initiate the desire to be a part of a team and to get a better understanding of the product or service that they will be working with. Giving them an opportunity to see your team in action will motivate the students to be successful in their project.

Step 4. Have Clear Goals For the Outcome of the Project

In order to ensure that the project is successful, the goals have to be stated clearly. A clear common goal gives the students a focal point throw out the project and it gives the students an opportunity to build up their team motivation. If the task is something the students have neverdone before, hold a session with them, give them tips about how to do the task and show them how you would do it. Then give them space to create their own way of doing project work as a team. For example, if the most important outcome is to generate authentic leads, state that this is the goal you are working towards and give the students examples of how to recognize an authentic lead.

Step 5. Educate the Students About Your Product

Knowledge is power. The students will be more productive and efficient if you educate them on your product/service. Encourage them to think of the company as if it is their pride and joy. When you make the students feel that they are an important part of your team and that their work is valuable then they are more likely to succeed.

Step 6. Enjoy the Work the Students Have Created

Share constructive thoughts and tips with the students. First year students aren’t given many opportunities to work with real life problems so when they do get to finally work with companies, they get a chance to shine. The information they gather for you or the project they complete for you is extra information for the company that can be used in any way you like.

It may not be for every company but in the eyes of a student, there are benefits to each company in regards to working with students. The company is given valuable resources for a small cost and in return the students get real life experiences when they get to work with professionals and a real product. Their effort could be useful and the students could see their work published or even better utilized to further the reputation or finances of the company. It is empowering for the students to see that they can learn valuable skills which will help them when they enter the workforce. Also, the organization gets the first pick at the new generation of workers.

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