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Do you know what your sales guys want for Christmas?

It's that time of the year again. There's not too many days left until the holidays begin and you still haven't finished your quest to find the perfect gifts for your sales team. You're nervous, stressed and basically an overall mess. I can tell. But do not worry, LiiD is here. We deeply care about our readers, which is why we have come up with some excellent gift ideas for salespeople of all shapes and sizes to help you out during this holiday season.
Let's do this.
1) Who's the salesperson in your life? Male, or female, field sales rep or someone working with existing clients. Doesn't really matter. What you're going to find if you take a look at their desk is that it's most likely covered with piles of business cards. Why not give them a Business Card Scanner! Then they can upload the cards directly from their smartphones into Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics.
2) Okay, the second one is a pretty obvious one. Salespeople want "leads" and they want to close. If you don't have the scratch to purchase a gift for that dear salesperson in your life, help them out by giving them a lead. They'll appreciate it and you may not even have to spend a dime. If you want to go all in and give them lots of leads for 2018 take a look at Vainu.io, Albacross or Leadfeeder
3) Most salespeople have a hate-love relationship towards their CRM. If your sales friend is lazy updating their CRM, maybe you want to give them something that solves the problem of tedious data entry. Get them a subscription of LiiD and they will never again have to open up Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics to log a call, track an email or register a meeting. All of that will happen automatically on their cellphone. Think of all the time they can save and how much more business they'll close in 2018.
4) On the topic of saving time, a subscription to Calendly might also be appreciated. This is a tool that lets sales prospects see your calendar availability in realtime and book meetings or demos without sending emails with several suggestions of preferable times back and forth and trying to figure out which slots are available.
5) This last suggestion(s) has two options. Salespeople are known to be busy and stressed. They have a lot to do and little time to vent out their frustrations. Which is why I think you should get your sales friend either a Stress Ball or a bottle of Whisky. Both make great gifts and are well known relievers of stress.
I hope these gift ideas were of some help to you and I trust that you'll find the right gift for your sales friends. 2018 is almost here and we at LiiD wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Talk to you next year!