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A Business Card Scanner App to Help you Create Leads in Salesforce


Tired of losing business cards? Or just tired of the occasional piles of business cards on your desk? Yes, I thought so. Most salespeople are. Would you like to scan the business card into Salesforce immediately after receiving a card? With LiiD’s business card scanner app you can.

The business card scanner app will allow you to effortlessly upload business cards with your smartphone directly to Salesforce. When you attend trade shows, visit clients or go to conferences and receive business cards, you can transfer them into leads and contacts into your Salesforce and turn them into sales opportunities faster than ever!

Just open the app on your iPhone or Android,  choose whether you are creating a lead or a contact, take a photo of the business card and let LiiD match the data to the correct fields in your CRM. Add notes to why you created the contact and press save.

                                                                        It couldn’t be easier!


How to install the business card scanner app for Salesforce?

The app is easy to use and setting it up takes less than a minute. Search for “LiiD for CRM” in your mobile device’s app store and select install. Once the app is installed, you will only have to follow these simple steps:

1. Open the application
2. Choose Salesforce
3. Login with your CRM credentials
4. Go to Search and click the + sign to create a new lead or contact
5. Choose read business card and take a photo

                                                                                                    It’s easy as that!

LiiD will save your time and resources and make sure you have all new contacts in your CRM. If you want to add custom fields, have dropdown lists or give your employees the opportunity to check a box for marketing permission those can be easily added. Attach this to your marketing automation and the marketing department will love you for it.

Rather than going through the manual labor of typing in each business card's contact info, let your phone do the heavy lifting for you.

If you would like to book a demo to see how the business card reader works, just click here!


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