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10 Tips for Creating a Professional Sales Profile on LinkedIn

Linkedin is the world's largest online professional social networking website. It is the perfect place to go to for prospecting, networking and job hunting. If you are a salesperson, then you probably already have a Linkedin profile. However, when was the last time you took a good look at your profile and gave it a solid update?


Here are 10 tips for creating an effective and professional Linkedin profile for salespeople.

 1. Create a Powerful and Descriptive Headline

When you're coming up with your headline, avoid using headlines such as, Salesperson at (Insert Company Name Here) or Sales Manager. You want to strive to be creative and an eye catching headline makes all the difference. For example, if you are a salesperson you could use, "Ambitious salesperson eager to sell and develop customer relationships." If you are a sales manager then a descriptive headline could be "Managing and motivating sales teams to achieve company goals and targets." 

2. Upload a Strong Profile Picture

A good looking profile picture goes a long way. If you don't have a professionally taken photo of yourself, then go and get one. You don't always need a fancy camera to take a great photo, you can most definitely take a professional looking photo with just your smartphone. 

3. Customize Your Linkedin URL

Remember to edit your personal Linkedin URL. If you are aiming to build a professional Linkedin profile, then you want your URL to include just your name. Remove any unnecessary numbers, letters, symbols. 

4. Add a Relevant Cover Photo

If you are going to add a cover photo, which I recommend, don't just upload a picture of anything e.g. a field of flowers. A cover photo can do wonders for your profile if the picture is relevant. A general rule for cover photos are that they should complement your profile picture and your field.

Tips for Great Looking Cover Photos

I. The colors in your profile picture and cover photo should complement each other.

II. Example - If you're a Real Estate Salesperson, then it would be appropriate to have a picture of the city you mostly work in.

III. Avoid complex images and pictures with text because a cover photo appears differently on different screen resolutions on Linkedin, e.g. on your screen you might be able to center your picture just right, however, on another computer screen the picture will not be centered the same way. If you have text in your cover photo, it may get cropped out when someone views your profile from their device. 

5. Less Is More: Keep It Simple

When you begin working on your profile and adding all the necessary information to fill out the profile fields, it's easy to get carried away. You want to aim to keep your summary and any other text short and sweet. When writing your summary for example, the length should range from 1 to 3 paragraphs. When you are writing about your work experience, use relevant details and don't shy away from bullet points. A great Linkedin profile catches your attention, is easy to follow and easy to read. 

6. Create a Visual Portfolio

We are all visual creatures so remember to add some life to your profile. You can add images and videos to support your work experience and even include presentations. If you are a salesperson and your product is a mobile application, then make sure to include an overview video of your app somewhere in your profile. In addition, if you are job hunting you can add your CV to your Linkedin profile or a presentation if you like. The whole point here is to make your profile more visual and interesting to help you stand out from the competition. 

7. Contact and Social Media Links

Make it easy for people to contact you. A number of Linkedin users have their contact information in their contact tab and also they include this information in their summaries. If you are unsure of how your profile looks like to others, below your profile picture there should be a “View Profile As” button which should allow you to view your profile as an outsider. 

8. Ask For Recommendations

Recommendations make you look more credible. Of course, your work experience says a lot about what you are capable of doing, however, when other people talk about who you are and your skill set, it makes you look more trustworthy. It shows potential employers and prospects that "here are a number of people that will vouch for this person." Even just a few recommendations are enough to make you stand out and strengthen your profile 

9. Be Active Regularly

Show people that you are an active member of Linkedin. Take the time to share posts that you like or publish your own posts about things you find interesting to connect more with your network. You can find and join groups and partake in discussions. You can like and comment on things you come across in your feed. These are things that make you more social and credible and they are things that help you gain more visibility on Linkedin. 

10. Don’t Ignore Linkedin’s Profile Strength Feature

Linkedin is actively trying to help you improve your profile so don’t ignore its notifications. It will actively remind you what are the things that are missing from your profile and what you can add to increase your profile strength. If you have taken any courses where you did well and that support your career, let the world know. If you have any certifications or published articles or studies, include those as well.

Remember, you are trying to make a great and powerful profile, don’t ignore inputting any information that has the potential to help you.

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